Ritual abuse is a severe form of abuse of children, adolescents and adults consisting of physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse involving the use of rituals or ceremonial abuse.


Ritual abuse is most commonly repetitive abuse, which can be multi- generational and commonly associated with ritual beliefs and practices; often satanic but not necessarily.

The abuse often occurs within families (both extended and immediate) or cult groups. There are often multiple abusers and occurs over an extended period of time.

Abuse can also occur outside of a child’s family without the parent’s knowledge.

Children are often born into a cycle of abuse and incorporated into the ritual of abuse both as perpetrator and victim. Commonly
birthing rituals are performed.

The abuse rituals and occurrences often coincide with cult and/or satanic calendars. Birthdays are often included in the dates of abuse.

Ritual abuse survivors commonly reports rituals around both animal and human sacrifice. Many rituals involve the use of blood.

Ritual abuse provokes extreme feelings and reactions; children were often punished for expressing those feelings so they learn to block out, numb or split from those feelings.