no longer available

  • $25 Send me the movie when it's released.
  • $30 Send me the movie and the bonus disk with whatever ends up on the bonus disk(probably extended and unreleased footage)
  • $55 Send me the movie, the bonus disk, and 4 extra* copies to give away(*extra copies come in DVD envelope)
  • $80 Send me the movie, bonus disk, 3 extra copies, and a T-shirt.(please indicate size in notes)
  • $110 Send me the movie, bonus disk, T-shirt, and put my name in the credits at the end of the film as a financial backer.
  • $350 Send me the Movie, bonus disk, T-shirt, 10 copies to give away and the clapper board used to make the movie(only 1 available)
  • $1000 Send me the Movie, bonus disk, T-shirt, 30 copies to give away put me down in the credits as a producer.
  • $2500 Send me the Movie, bonus disk, T-shirt, 50 copies to give away put me down in the credits as an Executive producer with a credit on the packaging and promo materials also.  

send check or money order

made out to: Robert Dunn

send to:
c/o AngrySon Media

P.O. Box 2550
Mansfield, Ohio 44906

HEY FOLKS-here we go again.  After the successful campaign, making of, and release of DETESTABLE we are ready for the next chapter.   And once again we are asking for your help to make it happen.  Below is a list of rewards you get when you support us. Check back here and here for updates.  thanks for your support, and God bless.

jared and tom


The Darkest of Red